Someone once ask me, if you translate now, what will people be saying about you. What legacy will you leave for posterity. This really gave me a jolt as I have never given a thought to this.

A thousand thoughts went through my mind. I asked myself, is this all about personal achievements? like educational qualification, wealth, social status, How many followers you have on social media and?…. I looked at this critically and I realized that popularity is much more than this. It is the import, the impact you have made, positively on people. It is all about giving out love, giving service to humanity passionately without expecting any kind of reward or personal aggrandizement. Now I threw the Question to myself Juliet, what will you be known for?

I have come to realize that our society, is so bad today because, the home, the family is in a dilemma. Husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, we have failed in our duties of preserving the sanctity of our homes.

 A cold war is going on in most families. Husbands and wives have turned the home into a wrestling contest and speaking extremely, to a battle field. Our children have been turned into passive spectators to this family tragedy. Consequently, we have embittered children, children who have only witnessed and known domestic violence, hatred, bitter words rancor and acrimony. Swears and Courses, and as such have taken this vices as a way of life. Some have taken to drugs.

Many wonders why we are witnessing today, armed robbery, kidnapping. Brutal killings and murder. My heart bleeds profusely when I remember the recent killings in Rivers State and in other parts of the country and the world at large. Particular, the one that a man’s head was cut off brutally in front of his wife and his head kept in front of a community School. Imagine the traumatic effect it had on the children who came to school that morning.


 Have you ever ask yourself why is there so much wickedness in the world? What other results do you expect rather than this when fathers leave the training and upbringing of their children only to their wives, when mothers on there own part are chasing after money living our children at the mercy of unscrupulous and disgruntled elements who ill advice them. When husbands and wives are busy fighting and divorcing each other.

It is said, when two elephants fight, the grasses suffer. Children are the victims of domestic violence and divorce. They are the worst hit by this cancer worm that has eaten deeply and mercilessly into the fabrics of the family.

The family is the hub of the society. When the family suffers, it has a drastic toll on the society.

It is based on this premise that “THE CPO” is created, Though satirical in nature, it attempts to point out areas husbands and wives, fathers and mother have failed in the upbringing of their children and offers a form of punishment through the character of “THE CPO”

Let us all join hands today and build our homes, and build Marriages and build families, invariably, we are building a strong and peaceful and egalitarian and vibrant society.

I am Juliet Nnadozie. A writer, an actor, a film maker, A peace advocate, a character molder, a relationship and Marriage adviser. Am passionate about creating a positive impact on relationship and Marriages through my works. and mostl especially, through this Movie “THE CPO”

The audition of the CPO is currently going on online . are you interested in being part of this Epoch making domestic movie. log on to www.julietscorner/the-cpo-regitration-form and fill the audition form. only those who registered online will be invited for the audition proper.

An offline audition for Port Harcourt artiste has been scheduled to hold on the 29th of June 2019 at New Zalora Hotels and Suites, #1 Elioparanwo by Ada George near Gateway Church by 10am WAT. Owerri and Onitcha audition will be announced later. Each one tell one.