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In a fleet of ANGER BOOM!!!!!!!!.
Relationships are severed.
In a fleet of ANGER BOOM!!!!!!!! .
Friendships are broken.
In a fleet of ANGER BOOM!!!!!!!!.
Marriages are destroyed.
In a fleet of ANGER BOOM!!!!!!!!.
A Country is divided
In a fleet of ANGER BOOM!!!!!!!!.
Nations are at war.
In a fleet of ANGER BOOM!!!!!!!!.
The whole world is a flame.
All in a fleet of an UNCONTROLLED ANGER.
BOOM! BOOM!! BOOM!!!!!!!!.

Let us learn to tolerate.
Tolerance is the key to a healthy relationship.
Let us learn to accommodate.
Accommodating all leads to peace of mind.
Let us all learn the language of LOVE.
LOVE answereth all, Love is the key to happiness.
LOVE is the only gate pass to meet the ALMIGHTY.

Whether you are black or white. fair or dark, tall or short. Beautiful or ugly, literate or illiterate, rich poor, we all came from the same source and we all will all go back through the same source.DEATH is an inevitable end for  all of us.


As part of activities marking my birthday, I have decided to write this post on how to manage or invariably overcome anger.

“one of the reasons why anger is so feared by many people is because it generates such intense physical power. Sometimes this power is so great that it can overrule both our hearts and our heads”. If we let this emotion get a physical hold on us, we could get out of control and maybe, we would find ourselves in court for a murder case.

I have heard so many people make this statement. “I was so angry that I didn’t know what I was doing” or “Am in a grip of a furious temper and couldn’t control myself”, or even still, “I was blinded by rage”.

“Anger is completely normal and usually a healthy, human emotions” . but when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it becomes a vice. A lot of havoc has been caused in a fleet of anger. But if we all learn to maintain our cool even in a moment of intense anger, a lot will be saved. Hitherto, peace and happiness will reign supreme in our lives.

“Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild to intense fury or rage”. It leads to problems, at work, in your relationships and in the overall quality of life.

we all should learn how to control anger and not allow anger to have control of our entire being.

Now listen to this statement by Charles Spielberger, PhD, a psychologist who specializes in the study of anger. I quote “Like other emotions, anger is accompanied by physiological and biological changes. in fact, when you get angry, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, as do the levels of energy hormones, and adrenaline”. when you get angry uncontrollably, you are indirectly causing havoc to your internal organs as well and your life span is reduced.

anger has both constructive power as well as destructive power. using the constructive power of anger, you can achieve your goals.


1.RELAXATION; try to take a deep breath and relax in that fleeting moment of anger. don’t act so fast. try in a split of second to analyze the consequence of any action you are about to take.

2. HUMOR; Try to turn a statement or action that got you angry into a humor, into fun. I use this technique a lot and is is really working out for me. I know it will work for you too. Just give it a shot.

3.BETTER COMMUNICATION. It is lack of communication that causes so much problems in human relationship. Learn to talk things out with your colleague, friends, relations or partner. Don’t allow emotions to be pent up inside of you. Also learn to listen when others are talking. This will surely help a lot

4. ADJUST YOUR MINDSET ; As a matter of truth, this should be no 1 of all techniques. if you learn to make yourself happy or feel happy or laugh over what so many people consider an insult or slight on their personality, you are 99.9% on your way to controlling anger. be happy, treat every insult as trivial and don’t pay attention to things that will not rob you of your self esteem. you and you alone can rob yourself of your self worth and happiness. No one else will.

5. HUMILITY/LOVE: this is a virtue which is had to achieve by humans. this is due to our ego. let me go a bit spiritual now. If we all understand the whole essence of life and the purpose of creation which is to co-exist with others, and in this process, we learn how to give and receive love , then pride and ego will take a back seat in our lives and relationships. pride they say goes before a fall. God says be humble, take up your cross and follow me. let us keep aside the “do you know who I am attitude” aside and see all as equal. we all have one head, two eyes, one mouth, one nose, two hands, two legs and ten fingers and toes respectively. So humility is an attribute of God, God is LOVE personified. So if we are humble, we will treat others with love and anger will never have a grip on us.

6. I Want to introduce you to another effective technique i have been using to control anger. it is the HU chant. Sang as Huuuuuuuuuuuu in along drawn out manner. this has a spiritual undertone but helps in stabilizing our emotions especially that of anger and fear. In that split moment of, provocation, close your eyes and chant this word inside you for a while, if you are not comfortable with this word, you can chant the word LOVE or any sacred word you are familiar with. The most important thing here is that it will help calm you down and help you take a decision or action you won’t end up regretting. Give this a trial and you will have control over your emotions.

julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.
julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.

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