At about 9pm on Wednesday the 28th of August 2019, I had just finished having a warm bath and unusually for me, I decided to turn in early this particular night. I have been working on my Movie project ‘THE CPO’ for the past two weeks and I saw myself working far into the night. On this day, I have made up my mind to sleep early. Then suddenly, my phone rang so loudly and jolted me. I realized then that I have not switched off my phone which I usually do before retiring for the night. I wondered who could be calling me at that hour. I checked, it was an unregistered number. My husband suggested that I switch off the phone and let the caller try again the next day. But I told him that this call, coming by this hour could be important, and off course it was.

Please read through this conversation
between the caller and myself. This unanimous caller truly needs your advice
urgently. Please help a helpless and a needy soul. Do not add to her problems
with abusive words. Whatever you do, do it with love. Thanks for your
understanding and concern.

C; Hello! sister Juliet,

J;   Hello! Good afternoon. Who am I unto please?

C; Sister Juliet please
help me, I am about to lose my husband if nothing is done fast. In fact as I
speak                    with you, am
losing my mind.

J; Madam, please could you
calm down and tell me who you are and where you are calling from?

C; Please help me as I am
so confused at the moment. My daughter who is thirteen years old is pregnant. I
don’t know what to do. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Please tell me,
what do I do?

J; Madam, maybe if you
tell me how it really happened, I might be able to help out.

C; A few days ago, I
noticed that my daughter had started putting on weight and is sleeping a lot. I
decided to take her to the hospital and run a taste on her. The hospital was close
to my house. A day after, one of the nurses Amaka at the hospital called me and
said she has something important and confidential to tell me. I invited her
over. She came and gave me the greatest shock of my life. She told me that my
little daughter of thirteen years is pregnant. I burst into laughter and ask
her to stop cracking silly jokes and tell me why she had requested to see me.
She was dead serious and told me that after looking at my daughter a day
before, that she was convinced that she was pregnant and decided to conduct a
pregnancy test on her. She gave me the result of the test. At this point I
became angry and told her to leave my house as I have seen that she does not
mean well for me and my family. She told me that rather than getting angry,
that I should take my daughter elsewhere for a confirmation test. She dropped
the result on the table and left. With a shaky hand I took the test result and
scanned through with my eyes, the test read positive. But how possible could
this be I asked myself, my daughter is just thirteen and had just started
seeing her period about a month ago. I decided to take her for another
pregnancy test. The test showed she was pregnant. I broke down in tears.
Luckily for me, my husband had travelled out of the country for a one year course
sponsored by his company. SOBS.

J; Madam, have you been
able to find out from your daughter who is responsible?

C; Yes, and that is the
most painful aspect of it. SOBBING

J; who did she say?

C; SOBS. It is my younger
brother, her uncle.

J; Oh my God!

C; my younger brother whom
am training in the university took advantage of my innocent daughter and
impregnated her. I have the urge to kill him for these betrayal. I have beaten
the daylight out of him, but of what help could that be?

J; How long has he been
molesting your daughter madam? Did you ask?

C; The stupid boy
confessed that he has been sleeping with my daughter for the past three years,
right under my nose and I did not notice. SOBS

J; Now madam, you need to
pull yourself together. At this point crying will solve no problem.  I would like to know how many children you have.

C; It is just her that I
have for now as I have been finding it difficult to conceive since I gave birth
to her  .

J; and you were being
careless with her? Anyway, what do you do for a living?

C; I am a business woman.
I deal on jewelries. Most times, I travel out of the country and I leave my
daughter under my brother’s care.

J; Madam, this is where
you got it wrong, I must be honest with you, you triggered off this problem.
Why would you leave your daughter under the care of a full blown man, a matured
man with hot blood running through his veins?

C; But he is my brother,
from the same mother. I trusted him.

J; This is not a matter of
trust, but a matter of using your head, being wise. So many evil is being
committed daily. We have cases of incest, even father sexually harassing his
daughter. This stories besiege us every day and yet we are not cautious. Anyway
this is not a tie for blame games. This is a time for making wise and
reasonable decisions. The harm had already been done. So how have decided to go
about this.

C; I am so confused right
now.  I don’t know what to do. That is
why I am calling. I stumbled into your Facebook page and I saw your advert so I
decided to call. I don’t know who else to confide in as not to attract gossips.
My first thought was abortion, but the doctor I met advised against it as the
pregnancy is approaching the fifth month. Please help me. I am scared my
husband will kick me out if he gets to know of this. He had earlier on warned
me of my care free attitude towards our only daughter. Even when my brother
came to live with us, he kicked against it but I was bent on having him stay
with us. Oh! I cause that day I allowed my brother to stay in my house. If  I had known. now See where my stubbornness has
landed meoo. Am dead Please sister Juliet I need your urgent advice.

I have already advised this young mother to discard the
thought of evacuating the foetus as this might pose a great danger to the child
going by how late the pregnancy had gone. I equally advised that this issue
should not be kept away from her husband.

The issue of child molestation has
become an everyday occurrence. This is why we as parents especially mothers should
be on our ten toes to keep a watch on our girls especially the young ones.
People have thrown morals to the wind. Mothers, please don’t let your young
daughters out of your sight. Especially now they are on holiday. Be sure to
know where they are and what they are doing at any point in time.   Warn
them against uncles who wants to hug them or carry them on their laps. You need
to make money, yes, but your children are equally important. Try and strike a
balance between your work, business and your family.

My little daughter is eleven years
old and I have already educated her on the dangers of child molestation. I have
told her not to hug any man or allow them to carry her on their laps
irrespective of who they are. I have equally told her to scream on top of her
voice if any man tries to touch her or even bite the person if need be.

We need to educate our girls on this
issue so that they won’t be taken advantage of.  They more they are aware of this, the less
victim they fall to child molestation. The boys are not left out on this. Some guy
has once told me that when he was about four or five years that his mother used
to leave him under the care of one of her friend’s whenever she wants to go to
the market to buy food stuffs as she was running a restaurant then. This woman
he said will always pull down his shorts and be fumbling with his small penis.
Then she will pull of her clothes and place his penis on her virgina making
some weird sounds. She will buy him sweets and tell him not to tell anybody. He
as a child did not understand what she was doing to him until he became

I also know of some guy who was
introduced to sex by his anti at an early age of 10. This anti he said was
always calling him her husband. Please others be weary when someone calls your
child his or her wife. There might be more to this than met the eyes.

Some mothers covertly or overtly,
encourage the molestation of their children through their attitude. Some
mothers send their children to their male neighbor’s house to beg for one thing
or the other. The more you do this, you are only opening up an opportunity for
your daughter to be taken advantage of. Please mothers, shine your eyes, be wise,
attentive and responsive to your daughters need to avoid finding yourselves in
the same shoe with the caller above.

Knowledge is only profitable to those
who apply it in their daily lives. May you not find yourself in this kind of
situation? This is my prayer for all of you reading this post. So once more be

julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.
julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.

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