The 2019 Presidential elections has come and gone living in it’s trails , electoral violence, ballot box snatching and burning, shooting and eventually death of some military personnel, youth corps member who are ad hoc staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC and some innocent and patriotic Nigerians.

Rivers state and Lagos State to my own rating witnessed the highest forms of electoral violence during this 2019 general elections in the country.

Rating INEC’s performance in this 2019 General elections so far, I must say that comparatively they have done well. Though there were few hitches here and there as regards arrival of their officials and materials at some polling units and the issue of smart card reader malfunctions.

eye witness report reaching our desk has it that in some areas where INEC officials arrived late, they rose to the occasion and accreditation /voting was very swift. INEC I doff my cap for you on this. but don’t pride yourself yet. you need to improve more on your service delivery to avoid the incident of people coming to the polling units with mats, pillows, torchlight just in case you people arrive in the night and food. Who knows some people might even build a house at the polling units in a bid to demonstrate their patriotism. Wow it’s really commendable ‘shaa’ especially since it is coming from an elderly woman and her aged mother. As for me i can’t be more patriotic than patriotism itself.

Well back to the main stay of this post. we have more than 72 political parties all eyeing a particular position thereby giving INEC more work than they desire. Consequently, election results came in their trickles, crawling like a snail on its journey to eternity.

Alas the results are finally here, putting APC in the lead with PDP trailing behind disappointedly and challenging the outcome of the results. Anyways, they reserve the right to do so, legally though.

President Buhari crossed the 15 million mark in votes scored in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. He polled 15,191,847 votes, winning in 19 of the states. His main contender Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party scored 10,782, 007 votes and won 17 states and Abuja. Buhari also satisfied the constitutional requirement of making 25 per cent in 34 states and the FCT. Buhari scored 15, 424,921 v

The Results so far.

Osun State Total No: Reg Voters: 1,674,729 Total No: of Accredited: 732,984 Total Votes Cast: 731,882 Total Valid Votes: 714,682 Rejected Votes: 17200 AAC: 1,022 ADC: 1,525 ADP: 9,057 APC: 347,634 PDP: 337,377 SDP: 259 Winner:Muhammadu Buhari

Ekiti State Total No: Reg Voters: 899,919 Total No: of Accredited: 395,741 Total Votes Cast: 393,709 Total Valid Votes: 381,132 Rejected Votes: 12,577 AAC: 400 ADC: 406 ADP: 126 APC: 219,231 PDP: 154,032 SDP: 48 Winner:Muhammadu Buhari

FCT Abuja Total No: Reg Voters: 1,335,015 Total No: of Accredited: 467,784 Total Votes Cast: 451,408 Total Valid Votes: 423,951 Rejected Votes: 27,457 AAC: 583 ADC: 246 ADP: 145 APC: 152,224 PDP: 259,997 SDP: 410 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Kwara State Total No: Reg Voters: 1,401 895 Total No: of Accredited: 489,482 Total Votes Cast: 486,254 Total Valid Votes: 459,676 Rejected Votes: 26,578 AAC: 401 ADC: 456 ADP: 203 APC: 308,984 PDP: 138,184 SDP: 212 *Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Nasarawa State: Total No: Reg Voters: 1,509,481 Total No: of Accredited: 613,720 Total Votes Cast: 599,399 Total Valid Votes: 580,778 Rejected Votes: 18,621 AAC: 75 ADC: 339 ADP: 107 APC: 289,903 PDP: 283,847 SDP: 359 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Kogi state Total No: Reg Voters: 1,640,449 Total No: of Accredited: 570,773 Total Votes Cast: 553,496 Total Valid Votes: 521,016 Rejected Votes: 32,480 AAC: 250 ADC: 4,369 ADP: 499 APC: 285,894 PDP: 218,207 SDP: 2,226 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Gombe state: Total No: Reg Voters: 1,385,191 Total No: of Accredited: 604,240 Total Votes Cast: 580,649 Total Valid Votes: 554,203 Rejected Votes: 26,446 AAC: 165 ADC: 248 ADP: 135 APC: 402,961 PDP: 138,484 SDP: 248 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Ondo state: Total No: Reg Voters: 1,812,567 Total No: of Accredited: 598,586 Total Votes Cast: 586,827 Total Valid Votes: 555,994 Rejected Votes: 30,833 AAC:4,414 ADC:6,296 ADP:1,005 APC:241,769 PDP:275,901 SDP:1,618 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Abia State: Total No: Reg Voters: 1,793,861 Total No: of Accredited: 361,561 Total Votes Cast: 344,471 Total Valid Votes: 323,291 Rejected Votes: 21,180 AAC: 212 ADC: 336 ADP: 131 APC: 85,058 PDP: 219,698 SDP: 472 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Yobe state Total No: Reg Voters: 1,365,913 Total No: of Accredited: 601,059 Total Votes Cast: 586,137 Total Valid Votes: 559,365 Rejected Votes: 26,772 AAC: 137 ADC: 162 ADP: 107 APC: 497,914 PDP: 50,763 SDP: 180 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Enugu State Total No: Reg Voters: 1,935,168 Total No: of Accredited: 452,765 Total Votes Cast: 451,063 Total Valid Votes: 421,014 Rejected Votes: 30,049 AAC: 219 ADC: 348 ADP: 137 APC: 54,423 PDP: 355,553 SDP: 130 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Ebonyi state Total No: Reg Voters: 1,392,931 Total No: of Accredited: 391,747 Total Votes Cast: 379,394 Total Valid Votes: 359,131 Rejected Votes: 20,263 AAC: 205 ADC: 213 ADP: 102 APC: 90,726 PDP: 258,573 SDP: 452 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Niger State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,375,568 Total No: of Accredited: 911,964 Total Votes Cast: 896,976 Total Valid Votes: 851,937 Rejected Votes:45,039 AAC: 324 ADC: 588 ADP: 2,582 APC: 612,371 PDP: 218,052 SDP: 239 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Jigawa State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,104,889 Total No: of Accredited: 1,171,801 Total Votes Cast: 1,149,922 Total Valid Votes: 1,106,244 Rejected Votes: 43,678 AAC: 226 ADC: 261 ADP: 107 APC: 794,738 PDP: 289,895 SDP: 5,011 *Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Kaduna State Total No: Reg Voters: 3,861,033 Total No: of Accredited: 1,757,868 Total Votes Cast: 1,709,005 Total Valid Votes: 1,663,603 Rejected Votes: 45,402 AAC: 243 ADC: 558 ADP: 227 APC: 993,445 PDP: 649,612 SDP: 1,737 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Anambra State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,389,332 Total No: of Accredited: 675,273 Total Votes Cast: 625,035 Total Valid Votes:605,734 Rejected Votes:19,301 AAC: 124 ADC: 227 ADP: 427 APC: 33,298 PDP: 524,738 SDP: 932 *Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Oyo State: Total No: Reg Voters: 2,796,542 Total No: of Accredited: 905,007 Total Votes Cast: 891,080 Total Valid Votes: 836,531 Rejected Votes: 54,549 AAC: 4,041 ADC: 40,830 ADP: 25,384 APC: 365,229 PDP: 366,690 SDP: 766 *Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Adamawa State Total No: Reg Voters: 1,959,322 Total No: of Accredited:874,920 Total Votes Cast:860,756 Total Valid Votes:811,534 Rejected Votes:49,222 AAC: 282 ADC: 3,989 ADP: 329 APC: 378,078 PDP: 410,266 SDP: 978 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Ogun state Total No: Reg Voters: 2,336,887 Total No: of Accredited: 613,397 Total Votes Cast: 605,938 Total Valid Votes: 564,256 Rejected Votes: 41,682 AAC: 3,196 ADC: 25,283 ADP: 7,705 APC: 281,762 PDP: 194,655 SDP: 1,374 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Lagos State Total No: Reg Voters: 6,313,507 Total No: of Accredited: 1,196,490 Total Votes Cast: 1,156,590 Total Valid Votes: 1,089,567 Rejected Votes: 67,023 AAC: 8,910 ADC: 2,915 ADP: 1,262 APC: 580,825 PDP: 448,015 SDP: 770 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Bauchi State: Total No: Reg Voters:2,453,512 Total No: of Accredited:1,075,330 Total Votes Cast:1,061,955 Total Valid Votes:1,024,307 Rejected Votes:37,648 AAC: 183 ADC: 296 ADP: 123 APC: 798,428 PDP: 209,313 SDP: 516 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Edo State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,150,127 Total No: of Accredited: 604,915 Total Votes Cast: 599,228 Total Valid Votes: 560,711 Rejected Votes: 38,517 AAC: 3,106 ADC: 850 ADP: 714 APC: 267,842 PDP: 275,691 SDP: 184 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Benue State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,391,276 Total No: of Accredited: 786,069 Total Votes Cast: 763,872 Total Valid Votes: 728,912 Rejected Votes: 34,960 AAC: 309 ADC: 554 ADP: 312 APC: 347,668 PDP: 356,817 SDP: 4,927 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Imo state Total No: Reg Voters: 2,037,569 Total No: of Accredited: 585,741 Total Votes Cast: 542,777 Total Valid Votes: 511,586 Rejected Votes: 31,191 AAC: 467 ADC: 541 ADP: 421 APC: 140,463 PDP: 334,923 SDP: 772 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Plateau State Total No: Reg Voters:2,423,381 Total No: of Accredited:1,074,042 Total Votes Cast:1,062,862 Total Valid Votes:1,034,853 Rejected Votes:28,009 AAC:268 ADC:590 ADP:1,395 APC:468,555 PDP:548,665 SDP:599 Winner : Atiku Abubakar

Kano State Total No: Reg Voters:5,391,581 Total No: of Accredited:2,006,410 Total Votes Cast:1,964,751 Total Valid Votes:1,891,134 Rejected Votes:73,617 AAC: 416 ADC: 591 ADP: 439 APC:1,464,768 PDP: 391,593 SDP: 635 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Katsina State Total No: Reg Voters:3,210,422 Total No: of Accredited:1,628,865 Total Votes Cast:1,619,185 Total Valid Votes:1,555,473 Rejected Votes:63,712 AAC: 186 ADC: 237 ADP: 140 APC: 1,232,133 PDP: 308,056 SDP: 150 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Taraba State Total No: Reg Voters:1,777,105 Total No: of Accredited: 756,111 Total Votes Cast: 741,564 Total Valid Votes: 712,877 Rejected Votes: 28,687 AAC: 116 ADC: 211 ADP: 136 APC: 324,906 PDP:374,743 SDP: 862 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Cross River State Total No: Reg Voters: 1,512,915 Total No: of Accredited: 461,033 Total Votes Cast: 446,046 Total Valid Votes: 421,901 Rejected Votes: 24,145 AAC: 242 ADC: 326 ADP: 110 APC: 117,302 PDP: 295,737 SDP: 1,395 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Akwa Ibom State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,119,727 Total No: of Accredited: 695,677 Total Votes Cast: 605,140 Total Valid Votes: 578,775 Rejected Votes: 26,365 AAC:222 ADC:230 ADP:88 APC:175,429 PDP:395,832 SDP:92 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Delta State: Total No: Reg Voters: 2,719,313 Total No: of Accredited: 891,647 Total Votes Cast: 882,254 Total Valid Votes: 829,762 Rejected Votes: 52,492 AAC: 1,626 ADC: 1,075 ADP: 241 APC: 221,292 PDP: 594,068 SDP: 1,745 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Borno State Total No: Reg Voters: 2,319,434 Total No: of Accredited: 987,290 Total Votes Cast: 955,205 Total Valid Votes: 919,786 Rejected Votes: 35,419 AAC: 269 ADC: 301 ADP: 75 APC: 836,496 PDP: 71,788 SDP: 322 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Rivers State Total No: Reg Voters:3,215,273 Total No: of Accredited:678,167 Total Votes Cast:666,585 Total Valid Votes:642,165 Rejected Votes: 24,420 AAC: 372 ADC: 597 ADP: 295 APC: 150,710 PDP: 473,971 SDP: 1,244 Winner: Atiku Abubakar

Zamfara State: Total No: Reg Voters: 1,717,128 Total No: of Accredited: 616,168 Total Votes Cast: 597,224 Total Valid Votes: 578,439 Rejected Votes: 18,785 AAC: 186 ADC: 186 ADP: 102 APC: 438,682 PDP: 125,423 SDP: 81 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari

Kebbi state: Total No: Reg Voters: 1,802,697 Total No: of Accredited: 835,238 Total Votes Cast:803,755 Total Valid Votes:756,605 Rejected Votes:47,150 AAC: 276 ADC: 285 ADP: 205 APC: 581,552 PDP: 154,282 SDP: 2,376 Winner: Muhammadu Buhari.


julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.
julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.

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