In my second to the last post before this, I talked about parents creating time to be with their children or to take them for an outing. It it is an experience what having with the  whole family.

The story am about to tell you buttresses the point I was trying to make above on the need to pay attention to our children. Most of us are too busy chasing after money that we leave our children at the mercy of neighbors and house helps. Even when we are around, we hardly give attention to them and so we do not notice any change in their behaviors or countenance.

Their was this story of a girl who was bitten on her foot to the point of deformity by a scorpion simply because the mother was insensitive to her pains and agony. Sorry that am derailing from the crux of today’s post. All still centers on paying unalloyed  attention to our children.

As I  was saying, this particular three years old girl was being taken to school by her mother. This child cried all the way hitting  her leg on the ground. But unknown to her mother, a scorpion had  found her way into the girls shoes and bit the poor girl who had not started talking. The mother did not associate the girls crying with her hitting a particular leg on the ground otherwise she would have checked why he was doing so and the girl would have been spared the agony she went through and even the deformity that confronted her for life. Rather she practically dragged the girl to school explaining to her class teacher that the girl was only crying because she didn’t want to go to school. The teacher suspecting that the child’s crying was unusual, brought her closer and pulled off her shoes only for a scorpion to jump out from the girls shoe sending the other children in the classroom scampering about in fear. By this time the girls leg had become stiff from the continuous stings of the scorpion.

What point am I trying to make here. We as parents should pay enough attention and care to our children so that when there is a change in their behavior, we will be the first to notice and act accordingly.

Enough of the derailing now. Let me go straight to today’s matter.

The  story of a nine year old girl am about to tell you was narrated by their head teacher who happens to be my church member. I will as much as possible try to relate this story to you in her own word. It goes like this;

‘Sometime ago  when I was a head teacher of a school, their was this particular girl in my class who the mother warned me sternly to stay away from because of my religion. So this particular day, the girl came to me and told me that her birthday is in two days time. I hugged her and wished her a happy birthday in advance.

‘Anti, do you know that my mother had not celebrated my birthday before?’ she asked rhetorically. In fact, she had not wished me a happy birthday before. She does not even remember my birthday. Anti please, will you celebrate me on my birthday?’

‘I was so touched by this that I hugged her lovingly tears rolling down my cheek. I promised her that I will celebrate her, not knowing how to go about it.

You know that your mother warned me not to come close to you, and that is my worry. She insisted t hat I come to her house on Saturday  to celebrate her birthday. So I asked her to tell her mother about my coming. He came back the following day and told me that her mother accepted and Is expecting me. I was surprised.

I hand picked a few of her classmates and called up their parents to plead with them to allow their children to come for the birthday of their classmate the next day. I asked the children to prepare a card for their classmate and her mother’. When they were through with making the cards, I asked the birthday girl to write something on the card for her mum, you will not believe what this girl wrote.

‘Dear mother, am sorry if I have ever offended you before or after I was born. Please I am hurting inside. I need you to love me. Please mummy forgive me and show me a little love.’

My God, you wrote this I asked her perplexed by the bottled up emotion which she had poured out on this card. She nodded her head. I hugged her for the second time. By now both she, her classmates me, had started crying. So I asked her to spread out the card on her mummy’s bed as soon as we arrive for her birthday.

As we got there that Saturday morning, unknown to me this girl never told her mother that we were coming. We rang the door bell, she opened the door to reveal her mother sited on a couch working with her laptop. Her countenance changed the moment she saw me. “This ECKANKAR woman, what did you come here to do?” she asked angrily. I was shocked to my bone marrow. Look at me here, thinking that am coming to a home where am being expected. ‘Mahanta please come to my aidoo’ I uttered a prayer. Confidently I stepped into the sitting room with the children following behind We started singing a birthday song for her . ‘Mummy’ the girl called out to her mother. My head teacher and classmates are here to celebrate my birthday with me’.

‘OK, she said reluctantly. Please sit down while I go to my bedroom to get a bottle of wine for you’. She left, but she did not come with a bottle of wine. In her hand was the card the children made for her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She came hugged her daughter and started crying. We all joined in the crying too.

‘Please my daughter’ I do not hate you. I love you. Am sorry I had neglected you all these years. But am sorry, please forgive. I promise you I will celebrate each and every of your birthday.’

‘Mummy I love you too’. She hugged her again and we all started another  round of crying. When she was through with pouring out her emotions, she called me by my name and asked me if this is what they teach us in ECKANKAR. I told her yes. Look at me condemning you and ECKANKAR thinking that you will have a bad influence on my daughter. Please I am so sorry. From today I am personally handing my daughter over to you, please, take good care of her. Please can you give some of ECKANKAR books to read. I want to know more about your religion.  I gave her the one I had in my hand “ECKANKAR, ANCIENT WISDOM FOR TODAY”

A few days later she called me and told me that she had finished reading that one and that she needs more. I directed her on where she can go get some books for herself which she later called me that she had.

This story goes without saying that we as parents should pay serious attention to our children. It is very shocking to discover that most parent do not remember their children’s birthday not to talk of wishing them a happy birthday. It is not all children that have the boldness to confront their mother with their problems and worries. Most of them will grow up with the thought that their parents hate them and with that in their subconscious mind, they will never grow up with love in their heart. That is why most children are bullies, always fighting others.

Please dear parents let us as much as celebrate our children. Let us make them fill loved. Once in a while tell them you love them. Devout time for them. They need this feeling of love to help them grow into a mature and responsible adult.

julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.
julietsc Administrator
Juliet Nnadozie is a peace advocate, a character moulder, and a home builder. She is also a script writer, a movie director, producer, editor and an actress. She is the CEO Passions Global Media; an outfit that is into talent hunt and childrens drama productions.

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